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Analysis of Housing Opportunity in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area

Jinwen Xu - 2017 Fall Graduate 

The research derived parameters from various criterions in fair housing and used ArcGIS model builder to combine them into a comprehensive model. Five major categories for these parameters are education, economy, housing, transportation, and health care. The weighed sum of these parameters is calculated to show fair housing index in block groups respectively. The research also analyzes on the relationship between opportunity index and city establishment which turns out that areas with long history tend to have less housing opportunity than newly established regions.

This project was created and started because of the Southwest Fair Housing Council’s (SWFHC) goal to fight for equal access housing for everyone. With a research project for the Phoenix Area the SWFHC would have research to back any claims that may be filed with them on unfair housing. This project provides research on areas needing outreach or advocacy. Another goal of this project is to analyze any correlations between access to opportunity and race and ethnicity in the Phoenix Area.

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