“What's next for urban climate research?" by David Sailor

David Sailor is a professor in the School of Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning and director of the Urban Climate Research Center at ASU.

 This presentation will provide a survey of some of the current research challenges and opportunities in urban climate science with an emphasis on Sailor's research in the field. It will conclude with a discussion of the newly formed Urban Climate Research Center at ASU and how this center is poised to lead the development of solutions to these challenges.

Sailor's scholarly agenda focuses on the intersection of climate with the built environment. This includes investigation of feedback mechanisms between the built environment and climate with a focus on building energy consumption and renewable energy resources as well as both indoor and outdoor thermal comfort and air quality. He has worked extensively on quantifying the causes and prospects for mitigating the urban heat island effect. His current research projects funded by the National Science Foundation and the US Environmental Protection Agency are exploring potential for mitigating indoor and outdoor thermal environment and air quality with an emphasis on vulnerable elderly populations.

Sailor has also been quite active in several societies that focus on urban climate systems. This includes serving as Chair of the American Meteorological Society's Board on the Urban Environment (2008-2011) and his current position as secretary of the board of the International Association for Urban Climate (2014-2017). 


Tuesday, September 5, 3:00 - 4:30 pm
Coor 5536